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My lifelong enjoyment and ability to take a thought, idea, or vision and bring it to life, whether it be for me or someone else.

My background has always consisted of taking life experiences, finding a way to put them together creatively in the perfect medium for the message or story.  Whether it is creating an arrangement of music and lyrics, or creating visual effects to invoke a feeling, mood, or state of mind.

I have taken my career as a Studio Creative Director (writer and lyricist) into what has been a natural progression of the visual media arts as well.  I specialize in bringing an idea or a sum of experiences to fruition, from the ethos and perspective of the origin of the idea, which enables me to bring the vision and heart to life like no one else in the game.

I wholeheartedly believe there is no right or standard way to get to an end result.  The process of this and of life itself is a collaboration of thoughts, ideas, and emotions that guide us through the journey.

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