Information About Brokerage Services (IABS)

Texas law requires all brokers and sales agents to provide written notice regarding information about brokerage services at the first substantive communication with prospective buyers, tenants, sellers, and landlord concerning specific real property.  The Information About Brokerage Services form (or the IABS), is the required method to provide that information to those parties. We want to make sure you know when to deliver the IABS and how. Just follow these guidelines below:

You are required to post a COMPLETED IABS

The IABS must be filled out completely before you provide it during the first substantive communication with a party about a specific real property. Additionally, license holders are required to post a completed IABS form on the homepage of their business websites. This can be accomplished by providing a link to a completed IABS.

What does “completed” IABS mean?

A completed IABS means all applicable fields are filled out. If some contact information does not apply, simply fill in “N/A.” PLEASE NOTE:  If you simply link to a blank IABS form, you are not in compliance with the IABS requirements and could be subject to disciplinary action.

What is a “business” website?

A business website is a website used to attract or conduct real estate brokerage activity and includes a business Facebook page. For example, a website listed on a business card, yard sign or advertisements is a business website. If you have more than one business website then a link to the IABS must be provided on the homepage of each business website.

Consumer Protection Notice

License holders must also provide a link to the TREC Consumer Protection Notice on the homepage of their business websites (see the definition of business website above).  The Consumer Protection Notice provides information about filing a complaint with TREC, and information regarding the Real Estate Trust Account.

Helpful Information to keep you in compliance

We recently posted FAQ’s and answered lines holders questions about the IABS and Consumer Protection Notice on social media. Make sure you search for #IABSFAQ to see the whole discussion!

We have developed the following flyers to help answer common questions you may have about posting and delivering requirements of these documents:

IABS and Consumer Notice Posting Tips

Facts about the IABS and Consumer Protection Notice

We have also created some videos to further explain these requirements and how to ensure you are in compliance with the requirements:

IABS Delivery

Posting the IABS on Business Websites

IABS Website Posting

IABS Email Delivery

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