7 Best Places to Shop in Austin

7 Best Places to Shop in Austin

If you find yourself wandering around Austin in search of unforgettable retail experiences, you're in for a treat. Known for its vibrant energy and artistic flair, East Austin is the perfect playground for retail therapy. Get ready to experience a little slice of heaven where shopping isn't just an activity — it's a full-blown sensory journey. Want some help finding the ideal spots? Check out this guide for the best shopping in East Austin and surrounding.


1107 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

Situated in the heart of East Austin, Lovecraft is a unique retail space that resonates with a blend of the contemporary and the unique. Known for its eclectic offerings, the store is a haven for those drawn to both the chic and the avant-garde. With an array of curated items ranging from jewelry to home decor, Lovecraft entices visitors with its upscale aura. As you step inside, you're greeted by an enchanting ambiance that feels like a blend between a modern art gallery and a high-end boutique. Lovecraft celebrates the individual, the creative, and the artisanal, making it a must-visit for those in search of treasures that stand out from the mundane.

2nd Street District

211 San Antonio St, Austin, TX 78701

Nestled in downtown Austin, the 2nd Street District stands as a vibrant testament to the city's burgeoning urban culture. A bustling hub of boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment venues, the district offers a slice of Austin's eclectic spirit. As you stroll through its lively streets, you'll encounter a diverse blend of local shops showcasing everything from cutting-edge fashion to artisanal crafts. The area pulsates with energy, hosting regular events that draw locals and tourists alike. With its harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary chic, the 2nd Street District encapsulates the very essence of East Austin's renaissance.

Kindred Spirits

1111 E 11th St STE 100, Austin, TX 78702

Tucked away in the vibrant heart of East Austin, Kindred Spirits emerges as an enchanting boutique radiating warmth, authenticity, and mindful living. As you navigate through its beautifully curated space, you are introduced to a myriad of treasures, from sustainably sourced clothing and jewelry to holistic wellness products, all echoing a profound respect for our planet and its inhabitants.

The ethos of Kindred Spirits lies in fostering community connections and celebrating the power of intentionality in every product. Here, shopping becomes a journey of consciousness and ethical consumption. Each item tells a story, whether it’s a piece of handcrafted jewelry infused with purpose or an organic skincare product promising natural rejuvenation. The store stands as a testament to East Austin's rich tapestry of cultural and spiritual exploration, offering both locals and visitors an opportunity to engage with products and clothing that nourish the body and soul. At Kindred Spirits, the spirit of East Austin comes alive, echoing a commitment to mindful living, community, and authenticity.

Charm School Vintage

1111 E 11th St #150, Austin, TX 78702

Step into Charm School Vintage and be transported through time. This East Austin gem offers an exquisite array of vintage garments that chronicle fashion through the ages. Each piece is a narrative, a slice of history, carefully handpicked to ensure authenticity and style. The store's ambiance, reminiscent of eras gone by, pairs beautifully with its inventory, making shopping here a delightful trip down memory lane. For those seeking individuality and timeless style, Charm School Vintage is a must-visit.

Take Heart

1211 E 11th St Suite 100, Austin, TX 78702

For those who celebrate the beauty in simplicity, visit Take Heart. Located in East Austin, this retail destination offers a carefully selected range of products, from unique home goods to artisanal crafts. The items, sourced both locally and globally, are a testament to the beauty of minimalist design and craftsmanship. The serene and inviting ambiance of the store reflects its philosophy: finding joy in the little things. For those who appreciate art, design, and the stories behind them, Take Heart is a haven of discovery.

Resistencia Books

2000 Thrasher Ln, Austin, TX 78741

Nestled in East Austin, Resistencia Books is more than just a retail spot; it’s a cultural hub. Specializing in Indigenous, Black, and Chicana/o literature, this establishment champions the voices of marginalized communities. The bookstore’s curated collections are vast and varied, providing a rich tapestry of narratives, histories, and discourses. Beyond books, the space often hosts readings, workshops, and discussions, transforming from a bookstore into a vibrant community space. For those seeking knowledge, empowerment, or simply a good read, this longtime local favorite is a treasure trove for East Austinites.

Small World Goods

1630 E 6th St Unit 101, Austin, TX 78702

Small World Goods is a testament to the beauty and richness of global craftsmanship. Dedicated to bridging the gap between distant artisan communities and the contemporary urban scene of Austin, this boutique presents an exquisite array of handcrafted items, each with its unique story and heritage. Shelves and displays here are adorned with products that resonate with the spirit of places far and wide. From the intricacies of hand-woven textiles to the rustic charm of pottery, Small World Goods offers treasures that speak of tradition, skill, and passion. The ethos of the store is rooted in celebrating the diversity of cultures, ensuring fair trade practices, and fostering a connection between artisans and patrons. Visitors to this East Austin gem are not just shopping; they're participating in a cultural exchange, gaining insights into the lives and crafts of communities from around the world. In a bustling urban setting, Small World Goods stands as a reminder of the vast, interconnected, and beautifully diverse world we inhabit. It's a space where stories, crafts, and cultures converge, offering a unique retail experience.

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