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Wendy Crosley

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Meet Wendy Crosley

Psst! Want to know a little secret about Wendy Crosley? She’s a weekend wrencher. While her girlfriends pore over the latest runway fashions in Vogue, she’s wandering the tool section at Lowe’s, itching for another tool to add to her collection.

This is what happens when a little girl’s hero is her dad and her dad happens to be pretty handy with his hands, be it building houses or fixing cars.

Early Influence

Wendy Crosley began life in Colorado Springs, Colo. as the daughter of a home builder and real estate investor. “Dad was and always will be my hero,” Wendy says. “As a child I wanted to be my Dad.”

When there was a lull in the construction industry, Mr. Crosley would turn his attention to his investment properties or, his passion, working on cars. “I grew up right beside him; I have more tools than most men I know,” she says, laughing. “And I know how to use them.”

The road to real estate

Growing up, one would typically find Wendy with her dad, learning the ropes of the real estate industry from a builder/investor standpoint. Her first “real” job came when she was 14 years old, working for family friends, entering the information from hard-copy files into a computer.

Within a year she found herself surrounded by police.

No, not the “keep-your-hands-where-I-can-see-them” type of surrounded. She became a volunteer in the Records and ID Bureau at 15 and was hired for a grant position with the Colorado Springs Police Department at 20. Here, she worked closely with the police department, the District Attorney’s office and the local domestic violence program as a liaison for victim records.

By the time she was 21, young Ms. Crosley was working full-time as a records and identifications clerk, taking inmates’ fingerprints, running criminal records, assisting in records for search warrant, just to name a few duties. Although she loved the investigative side of her position, and swears that she will “always bleed blue,” working directly with inmates grew tiresome so she decided to take a part time job behind the makeup counter at Dillard’s and started college at University of Phoenix, until she could determine her next move.

In the meantime, her dad had moved to Wichita Falls, TX to lessen the effects of Colorado’s high altitude on his emphysema. By 2002, however, his health took a turn for the worse and Wendy moved to Wichita Falls to care for him.

It was here that she met a local Realtor who happened to need some office help and offered the flexible schedule Wendy needed. “I never expected to love this side of real estate as much as I do,” she recalls. “Growing up with Dad, doing the building and the investment side of real estate was one thing. But this was a side of the industry I’d never before considered and I have to tell you, I was instantly in love with it.” Wendy got her real estate sales license in 2008 and quickly gained the skills to be considered a foreclosure and short sale specialist. She not only worked with conventional real estate consumers but also with investors.

The road to Austin

While Dad lost his battle with emphysema in 2008, Wendy remained in Wichita Falls for another five years, listing and selling real estate. In late 2013 she paid a visit to Austin and when the visit was over, she had to be dragged, kicking and screaming (well, almost) back to Wichita Falls where she promptly put her house on the market and began preparations for a move to Austin.

When asked about what she remembers most vividly about her early days in Austin, Wendy replied “I remember driving over the Mopac Bridge, looking down the river at the skyline and thinking ‘I’m Home.'” In her free time, Wendy falls deeper in love with what she calls “my slice of Heaven,” Austin, Texas. She enjoys exploring the city’s trails with Chloe, her Yorkie, spending time listening to live music around town and training for competition fitness.

Wendy’s clients appreciate her vast and broad knowledge of all things real estate-related, from knowing the bones of a house to its investment potential; she offers them insight that few other agents can.

“I love being a Realtor. There is something almost magical about opening the door and watching a buyer have that aha moment when they find the perfect house for them. There is no better feeling in the world than handing my clients the keys to that home. Being a part of that is an honor.”