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Tara Stevenson

REALTOR® at Dallas, TX

Born and raised in the small town of La Grange, TX, Tara Stevenson can confidently say that real estate runs in her blood. Her family’s background in oil, gas, and real estate guided her straight into her career and fueled her love for real estate.
After graduating from Texas A&M, Tara moved to Dallas to work for a GM residential mortgage company. She then spent seven years working as a Financial Analyst for Headington Oil Company and obtained an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Following her time there, she became an intern for the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Global Health as a book editor and research intern for Eric Bing. She then pursued a career as a Financial Analyst for Harwood International, a massive real estate developer, and worked as a personal assistant and estate manager for the owner of the company. These experiences perfectly prepared Tara to dive into full time real estate.
In her spare time, Tara loves to ride her horse, Kenny Legacy Forever Flame. Tara also enjoys yoga, classical pilates, tennis, nature, the pursuit of wellness and vitality, the piano, classical music, and geo-politics. Tara has been heavily involved in charity fundraising over the years, working with organizations such as JLD, the DSO, the Dallas Museum of Art, and, most recently, Auction with Rhapsody in Red Charity Gala.