Richard Hollingsworth

Richard Hollingsworth

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Richard Hollingsworth

REALTOR® at Waco, TX

I was born and raised in Waco, Texas, and my passion for Real Estate began when my family started an investment property business ten years ago. We have over forty properties in Waco and the surrounding area.  I truly enjoy helping others begin their journey in real estate, whether it’s the purchase of their first family home or purchasing an investment property to add to their portfolio.  It is exciting to help other’s dreams come to fruition.

It has been mind-blowing to see the Waco market and Central Texas experience such monumental growth over the last ten years, and it allows Local Life to help our clients navigate the journey of purchasing or selling their home or investment property.

I am married and have five children, and my wife and I enjoy spending time watching our kids play sports.  We love to travel, and our favorite destination always involves a beach.