Marshall Gummelt

Marshall Gummelt, Austin TX Real Estate Agent

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4700 Bosque Blvd. Suite K-1 Waco, TX 76710

Marshall Gummelt

CFO & Broker at Waco, TX

I am an Owner – Broker for Local Life Realty. I was born and have lived in Waco, Texas all my life. I graduated from Baylor University and have a law degree from South Texas College of Law. For over 40 years I worked in a family business where we bought and sold real estate. I have been the Broker for Local Life Realty for two years and a working Broker for approximately ten years. I have developed over 350 acres of mixed use space in Surrey Ridge along with 85 lots in Drury Drive. I’ve also gained the experience of building and selling 30 + convenient stores, multiple neighborhoods, and hotels.