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Lisandra Curbelo, Austin TX Real Estate Agent

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Lisandra Curbelo

REALTOR® at Austin, TX

My name is Lisandra Curbelo, and everyone calls me Lisi. I am from a small town on the southeast coast of Cuba, called Holguin. I have been working in the customer service industry for half of my life, which has given me the passion and enthusiasm that led me to a career in real estate.

I am happy and committed to assisting people, and I believe in giving them everything I have to help them achieve their desires and goals. I am bilingual, which has made it easier for me to work with people with different backgrounds.

I love the outdoors and nature, running, and building good relationships. For me, family and God are first in my heart, and it is a blessing every time I get to go back to Cuba and spend time with them.