Justin Pistorius

Justin Pistorius, Austin TX Real Estate Agent

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2025 E 7th St. #119 Austin, TX 78702

Justin Pistorius


Justin opens the door to a life of possibilities when you step into a home. In a city where there is as much architectural variety as there are options, Justin has fostered longstanding relationships with East Austin builders so that they can eventually pinpoint their clients’ needs and direct them to a new build firm that will fulfill their expectations. Regardless of your familiarity with East Austin real estate, the question everyone wants to know the answer to is, “Where is the next development going to go?” Although most aren’t privy to which grass lot will grow into a family home, Justin is. Approaching home buying from this perspective allows Justin to customize their home searches and transform your journey into a comprehensive and educative experience. With a specialization in the 78702 and 78704 zip codes – the only accessible urban core real estate available nationwide – Justin humanizes the fast-paced Austin market by opening up quiet avenues to access new, off-market construction. And because these homes have yet to be set in stone, Justin’s clients become stewards of the land, left to cultivate the home that they envision living their life in.