Barbie Bowen

Barbie Bowen, Austin TX Real Estate Agent

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Barbie Bowen

REALTOR® at Austin, TX

My passion is customer service and my expertise is Austin Real Estate. I’ve been lucky enough to reside here most of my life and I specialize in the East Side, where I live and play. With a background in investing and rehabbing homes, I understand the Austin market and what it takes to buy a home in a high-appreciating area and/or build a solid investment portfolio. Once you branch out and leave Austin, it is clear that it’s a special place to be…and you race right back! I look forward to helping people find an appreciating home they can love and grow into.

I was born in Baltimore, MD and moved to TX when I was 2 years old. I graduated from UT Austin with a Bachelor’s in Science in Kinesiology, minor in Business. Right out of college I was Marketing Coordinator for United Casualty Insurance (2 years) and was planning on going to Grad school… but decided to move to Maui instead! I decided to work for Local Life because their passion and culture really matched my own. Austin is very diversified, has amazing music, and promotes outdoor living in a fit city. I like to enjoy the parks with the dogs, paddle on Lady Bird Lake, run the trail, and go to all the great restaurants! If you’re looking for something fun to do in the Austin area, try to walk Town Lake, see music at Stubbs, view the sunset at the Oasis, or grab a taco at any food truck you come across!